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Correction to the pattern "Summer Romance" from the book The Sweet Life:
On page 12, in the assembly instructions, Step 4 should read --
4.  Sew the remaining blocks together with the setting triangles as shown, step by step as follows:
A.  Start by making the center section (4 x 4 blocks), watching the placement of the white and red folded corners.
B.  Sew the red 2 1/2" x 9 3/4" pieces to the four corner blocks of the quilt.
C.  Next, make the top left hand corner section and add to the quilt center section. 
D.  Make the bottom right hand corner section (the same as the top left section) and sew to the quilt.
E.  Then, make the top right and bottom left corners and sew to the quilt.
F.  Trim the four corners as shown in the bottom right diagram.  Add the blue floral triangles as shown.  Repeat on the remaining corners.  The quilt should now measure 54" x 67 7/8".  **PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SETTING TRIANGLES ARE OVERSIZED AND THE CREAM POINTS WILL "FLOAT". 

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