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For the pattern, "Let it Snow":

I have had a couple people ask how to cut a 9 1/2" tall half triangle, when the Triangler ruler is only 7 1/2" tall.  

It's really easy to cut this larger size - 

Lay the Triangler along the edge of the rectangle as shown in the directions on How to Cut Half Triangles on page 3.  (so the little flat top of the ruler is even with the top of the rectangle, etc as shown in the picture).  Cut along the right side of the Triangler, then slide the ruler down to the bottom of the cream rectangle and align the right side of the ruler with the line you have already cut. Finish cutting along the right side of the ruler so that the entire length along the right side of the half triangle is cut.  Another option is to position the Triangler as shown in the diagram on how to cut Half Triangles, and then lay second longer ruler next to the right edge of the Triangler.  Pull the Triangler away and cut next to the longer ruler.

Also from this pattern, on page 22 under the cutting instructions for the background fabric, the instructions should say to cut 11 and 11 Reverse (not 12 and 12 Reverse) 5 1/2" tall half triangles.  

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